faith, mind, heart, Kievan Rus, cordocentrism, philosophy


The article analyzes the key works of such prominent thinkers of the Kievan Rus, as Hilarion of Kyiv, Kliment Smolyatych, Mitr. Nicephorus, Cyril Turivsky and Danylo Zatochenyk. Particular attention was paid to the place of human mind in works of these thinkers and its role in the important issues of human salvation. Emphasis was placed on the problem of the relationship between faith and reason in the works of these thinkers. It was determined that in the philosophical thought of the Kievan Rus there is a clear emphasis on the special role of reason in the search for divine truth. The mind helps to separate the righteous from the wrong, to master the virtues, to understand the falsity of idolatry and the truth of Christianity, to know God as the Trinity and to acquire divine wisdom. Also for the philosophy of Kievan Rus in matters of faith in God is characterized by cordocentrism, ie the belief that the "heart" is the center and source of spiritual knowledge. However, this does not mean that only "blind faith" was considered a priority in the philosophical thought of Kievan Rus. The mind is highly valued and sometimes even absolute in matters of spiritual growth. The heart, as a spiritual organ in its pursuit of God and virtue, plays an important role in sanctifying the mind. And, as we can see in many texts of thinkers, it is the mind, according to Kievan Rus thinkers, leads a person to the knowledge of the truth of Christianity and the God-Trinity. The historical method of research, method of analysis, inductive and deductive methods were used in the work.


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